Geo informatics Lab

Department is actively involved in generating voluminous data pertaining to land resources. Modern tools viz. Remote Sensing (RS) & Geographical Information System (GIS) are being employed for interpretation and data generation. Geo informatics lab enables the department to popularize the modern technologies and to extend the RS & GIS services to various users including line departments, LSGIs, researchers, students, etc. The operating system and software enhancements have helped to standardize the software environment and provide up-to-date customized software and tools for attending to the divergent needs of various groups. The Geo informatics lab’s hardware includes high end workstations, server, scanner and other packages for digital data analysis and for interpretation of digital imageries. The customization packages are also developed for preparing user friendly information systems for different users. The services of this lab is provided to all line departments and LSGIs and other users at state level without duplicating the establishment of such labs at different department levels. The Lab also imparts on-going program for training staff on GIS technology required for the operation of the lab.