Kerala State Land Use Board is actively involved in conducting studies on the judicious use of land, collection of micro level data on the existing land use, land resources, land  degradation, under taking inventories and studies on natural resources. KSLUB offers technology solution in areas like resource based   thematic mapping, spatial data base development and spatial decision support system. The Department also conducts awareness programmes for the public on land and water related issues. It also offers consultancy services for land use and spatial planning among line department and LSGIS. The Department plays an important role in formulating the land use policy of the state.


Details of different projects of KSLUB undertaken under three schemes are given below:



                  The upgradation of the Geo informatics Laboratory as a state level digital data repository for land and water resource management is progressing. It aims at bringing available information into digital format and to deliver the same in a user friendly format for planners, administrators, LSGIs and other users in managing and updating data. It mainly includes upgradation, purchase of hardware, software and data products


                During 2020-21 it is proposed to prepare the Land Use Decision Model for 50 LSGIs coming under flood/ landslide affected areas in collaboration with LSGIs and Department of Agriculture. The study will be conducted with the objective to study and suggest the optimized combination of land allocation for different land use ensuring sustainable development.The regular activities include meeting the annual maintenance charges of existing computers and printers, cartographic and documentation equipments, renovation of resource lab, purchase of journals and books, stationary and furniture, contingencies etc. In service training programmes will be conducted under this scheme aiming capacity building of the staff of the department .Short term training courses will also be conducted for officials of line departments on the topics of GIS and Remote Sensing.


              During 2020-2021, it is proposed to publish the revised edition of Land Resources of Kerala. Awareness programmes including seminars, competitions, talk shows and education programmes are proposed to be conducted by KSLUB during 2020-21.  Moreover farmers, women, youth and students will be catered with an array of awareness activities with specific emphasize to disseminate the message of Natural Resource Conservation.


                Kerala State Land Use Board has prepared the Water Resources Management plan for Kattakada Legislative Constituency with the support of LSGIs and line departments as part of the “Jalasamrudhi” project. During 2020-21 it is proposed to document the activities undertaken under “Jalasamrudhi” project. The details will be made available in website enabling others to understand the activities followed. 



               Natural Resource Management Plan for Thutha and Kannadi Sub Watersheds in Palakkad district and Karuvannur puzha watershed in Thrissur district in collaboration with Palakkad and Thrissur District Panchayats will be prepared. Eco Restoration Plan will be developed through Land Cover Information Management system at Agro Ecological Unit Level for the 11 micro watersheds in the Southern Catchment of Kole Wetland draining directly into Karuvannur River. During 2020-21, KSLUB proposes to prepare the desired land use plan for Cochin Corporation with the objectives of preparing the existing land use with the latest micro level information through ground truth verification and recommends a suitable land use plan taking into account the flora and fauna of the area.Terrain Analysis for land evaluation in 18 micro watersheds comprising an area of 200 Km2 in the Vamanapuram River Basin is proposed during 2020-21




                   During 2020-21 it is proposed to continue Wetland Information Systemproject in the in Kannur district and to prepare web based Wetland Information System for district with the assistance of IIITM-K. The LRIS project was initiated in 2010 in districts like Palakkad, Ernakulam, Kannur etc. Periodic updation of Land Use data is necessary hence it is proposed to prepare updated land use / land cover maps of 5 districts viz, Thrissur, Thiruvananthapuram, Idukki, Kollam and Kozhikkode


                  In addition to above projects Kerala State Land Use Board will be providing the Watershed Atlas of the entire State of Kerala in a digital user friendly format.  This will be achieved by comparison and fine correction of the micro watershed boundary with toposheets and related natural boundaries using Google/satellite imageries.  In addition, the following information pertaining to the watershed of Kerala will be provided as attribute data for planning and execution of watershed projects in the State.




             Department has been continually offering research support to students, scholars, colleges/schools, various governmental and non-governmental organizations on various aspects of Land Use Planning. Data on Land use, soil, drainage, transport network, panchayat boundary, village boundary, etc were provided on demand basis. Many organizations are sending their research scholars to this organization for data and library support in guiding their research programmes. The rich data base available with the Department is being utilized for various research needs.




                     Department has been offering consultancy service in land use planning and GIS for line departments and LSGIs. Presently the department is functioning as the Technical Support Organization for preparing the Detailed Project Report for Block Panchayats under the Integrated Watershed Management Programme. The State Level Nodal Agency of IWMP has entrusted the department with the preparation of Preliminary Project Reports. Town Planning Department, Local Self Governments and several other agencies has awarded consultative GIS projects. By strengthening Geo informatics lab with increased manpower and infrastructure, department is now able to undertake more consultative projects, train more officials and provide good quality data and maps for planners, administrators, LSGIs and other users. The operating system and software enhancements also help to standardize software environment. Attending to the divergent needs of various groups, department is providing up-to-date customized software and tools for catering their needs. New Geo informatics lab enables the department to provide the latest technologies in the field of RS & GIS to various users including line departments, LSGIs, researchers, students, etc.