1. Activities of Land Use Board
  • Preparation of resource maps
  • Delineation of watersheds
  • Agro-ecological zonation
  • Recommendation of suitable land use
  • Preparation of watershed based master plans for local bodies
  • Studies on land resource related problems
  • Awareness on land resource conservation
  • Preparation of resource based perspective plans
2. Panchayat Resource Mapping Programme
Panchayat Resource Mapping Programme (PRM) provides the basic details in spatial format for the development activities of the local bodies. The mapping programme is done in cadastral scale, which is first of its kind in the country. This is essentially a participatory programme which involves the mapping of assets, land use and water resources of individual survey plots by trained volunteers on cadastral scale. The Panchayat Resource Mapping is completed in  802  local bodies of the State by KSLUB
3. Master plan preparation for local bodies
Inorder to effectively implement the flagship projects like MNREGS, watershed planning and food security the panchayats require detailed action plan at cadastral level. This information is generated with the active participation of LSGIs  and through local level volunteers .Based on primary and secondary data collection and through user interactive workshops at watershed and panchayat levels, different developmental activities are categorized,  prioritized and .the outputs are provided in spatial format enabling the LSGIs for easy implementation.
 4. Delineation of Watersheds
 Kerala State Land Use Board have already prepared Watershed Atlas for Kerala in 1:50000 scale. On request from LSGIs  this watershed boundaries will be transferred to cadastral maps and will be finalised through ground truth verification.
5. Existing landuse
Land use of entire state is available in 1:50000 scale . For panchayats were PRM is completed land use in 1:5000 scale is available with Land Use Board.
6. Distribution of Wastelands
Kerala State Land Use Board have prepared the waste land map of Kerala. The area extent of the different waste lands categories of the State were mapped in 1:50000 scale, using satellite imageries with limited ground truth.