Land use planning based on land resources needs to be the major thrust area for ensuring judicious conservation and management of our limited resource base. Kerala State Land Use Board (KSLUB) has been striving to pioneer the cause through generation and time to time updation of data on land resources.  It is a necessary prerequisite for sustainable agricultural production, environmental conservation, socioeconomic stability and above all welfare of the society. This would pave way for sustained economic development trajectory ensuring ecological security and perpetuating life support systems.


Judicious use of land, collection of micro level data on the existing land use, land resources, land degradation and framing policy decisions with respect to optimal use of resources has always been the main thrust area of the Department. KSLUB is compiling the available information on natural resources into digital format and making the data more user friendly and accessible for developing & implementing natural resource management plans.


KSLUB offers technology solutions in areas like resource based thematic mapping, Spatial Database Development and Spatial Decision Support System. Department has gained expertise in engaging satellite imagery services like remote sensing and GIS technology for cost and time effective data collection and interpretations, in order to fulfill the demands of the end users with its customized solutions.I am glad to bring forth the new version of the website and sincerely wish that contents of the site would be informative and user friendly. I congratulate the web design team for their efforts in development of this new web version.