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The major objective of Land Use Board is review of existing land use in the State and exploring possibilities of effective land use in a sustainable manner. The objectives includes, taking effective measures to protect good agricultural lands against (i) depletion of productivity and soil resources on account of soil erosion due to wind, water, sea. (ii) water logging and salinity (iii) loss of fertility (iv) urbanization and industrialization. The organization advises the government regarding agricultural laws in general with particular references to the problems relating to conservation, development and management of lands.

State Land Use Board has a niche of database on land resources and many organizations are making use of these facilities available in the Department. The Department organizes awareness among students, youths, farmers, planners and men of all walks of life on need for conservation, development and management of our most precious land resources.

Main Functions

  1. Collect and collate data on land resources and land use.
  2. Undertake surveys on current land resources conservation and management and land use.
  3. Initiate studies on appropriate land use management and related aspects.
  4. Recommend appropriate policy framework to help the Government to arrive at correct decisions on land.
  5. To administer and co-ordinate for implementation of the decisions of Govt. related to land use without displacing the existing agencies.



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